Towne Park’s Signature Valet Service Debuts at the Legendary Fontainebleau Miami Beach

On October 28, Towne Park began providing efficient valet service to guests and visitors of the legendary Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel.  With this location, Towne Park now serves 16 hospitality locations in the South Florida district – and the largest in terms of traffic, volume and size by far!

So large in fact, the Fontainebleau will be staffed by over 170 associates valeting more vehicles than any other Towne Park property!  Account Manager Chris Bleakly will oversee the operation, supported by three Assistant Account Managers – Noel Rodriguez, Ernest Hayes and Alex Morales (with Sandra Meja as our All-Star trainer for cashiers).

The Fontainebleau hotel and condominium towers are steeped in rich tradition that inspire and amaze.  Originally designed by Morris Lapidus and built on the site of the Harvey Firestone mansion in 1954, the structures are historically significant and remain revered amongst the architectural elite.  If you don’t recognize the iconic façade, you surely have seen the hotel’s swimming pool, as it’s been featured in several classic films such as Goldfinger and Scarface, and remains a hot spot for the celebrities of today.      LIV Nightclub is pictured below, and represents a significant portion of the valet traffic when open Wednesday through Sunday.

club LIV

The local Towne Park team and out of town associates who flew to South Florida to assist have gotten us off to a promising start.  Witnessing how TP Nation coalesced in preparation to assume responsibility of the valet operation, Fontainebleau’s Leadership came away impressed with Towne Park’s culture, development initiatives and guest service.

 “Fontainebleau Miami Beach has selected an excellent partner in Towne Park.  Our two companies share the same values and culture, and we are confident Towne Park will deliver on our commitment to outstanding service.” – Philip Goldfarb, President & COO of Fontainebleau Miami Beach

The teammates involved in getting us to this point are too numerous to name, but I must mention a select few standouts:

•    Vice President of Business Development Todd Cline, Executive Vice President – Hotel Operations Matt Cahill and Founder & CEO Jerry South for giving us this special opportunity.
•    The Talent department, who ensured we were ready to open with the hiring of almost 170 associates
•    The awesome support of the South Florida District, many of whom worked two jobs for a full month to prepare for a smooth opening
•    The task force of 10 District Managers from around the country that made the trip to South Florida for additional support and management
•    Kelly Sighel, Director of New Site Openings, for overseeing the transition from the previous operator

The Fontainebleau is the most significant property that we have opened this year for Towne Park Nation, and the entire district of South Florida is grateful for the efforts of so many across the company to make this opening happen!

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