Valet Parking, Door & Bell Services-Brand New Marriott Pompano Beach Resort & Spa

The Towne Park team, welcoming guests on opening day!

Guest post by Jeff Giordano, District Manager – South Florida

On July 31 at 3pm, Towne Park began performing valet, door and bell services at a brand new hotel in Pompano Beach, Florida – our 5th new site in South Florida this year, growing our local portfolio to 20 hospitality and healthcare properties.

The Fort Lauderdale Marriott Pompano Beach Resort & Spa, a “beach hotel located in quaint Pompano Beach,” is an excellent strategic new partner for Towne Park as we’ll benefit from a new market between Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach.  This new market will enhance our ability to flex staff in the always busy South Florida district.

Brian Coutu has taken on leadership as Account Manager.  Brian was recruited three months ago straight out of Hospitality School and spent time with Mark Heckman, Account Manager from the W Fort Lauderdale, learning all aspects of his position.  While in school, Brian was a lead trainer for the Cheesecake Factory and will use his experiences to ensure all of our new staff are well trained.

The management team would like to give a HUGE special thanks to Tim Heath for his role as Taskforce Leader during this transition.  Not only did Tim lead taskforce efforts, but he spent countless hours ensuring the Marriott Pompano Beach team did not skip a beat once the transition was complete.

Additional thanks to everyone who helped create a smooth opening for Fort Lauderdale Marriott Pompano Beach Resort & Spa and those who fostered the relationship with the hotel to receive this opportunity to serve their guests…. “Here we GROW again!”


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