Valet Triggers Patient’s First Letter to Hospital in 45 Years


At Towne Park, every day we get to do something extraordinary. Every day we have the opportunity to make a difference. It’s one of the things that makes being part of our team so rewarding.

To celebrate and honor some of the exceptional service, extraordinary actions, and valuable community outreach of our employees, this year we are sharing stories of Difference Makers.

Today we introduce you to Brian Bonus. Brian works as a valet attendant for Towne Park at a major hospital in Oregon where he assists and helps comfort patients and guests.

Recently, Brian made a deep impression on a patient who came to the hospital feeling sick, which inspired the patient to do something he had never done before. While the patient had previously received excellent clinical care at the hospital, Brian’s actions proved so meaningful to the patient that they triggered his first letter to hospital management in his over 45 years of visits to the facility.

Brian made a difference on that day, and continues to every day at the hospital. In the words of the patient:

“I was barely ambulatory, and very uncomfortable.  I decided to use valet parking.  That is not a service I take advantage of, but on this day I certainly felt vulnerable and the availability of this free service felt like a blessing.  I welcomed the chance to save a few steps.

I was greeted by Brian who, when he saw the difficulty I was having getting out of my car, offered (insisted?) that I use a wheelchair. ‘Well, great,’ I thought. ‘I can roll myself in.’ No. Brian so cheerfully and thoughtfully said he would push me to my appointment. Leaving others to run the parking, he happily and respectfully got me in the building, up the elevator and to my doctor. He explained along the way that my keys would be at security if my appointment ran late.

The appointment did indeed run late, and just after 5 p.m. Brian was bringing the keys in as I was rolling myself out to the parking. He stopped me (remembering my name), had me wait while he left the keys, and then rolled me back to my car. Once again, cheerfully chatting all the way….

Brian is a treasure, an everyday angel.  Free valet parking is obviously not a profit center for the hospital. But, combined with Brian, as a tool to accomplish your mission statement and make it manifest, it is a priceless combination.”

Brian is a true Difference Maker and we are proud to have him Leading, Serving, and Growing at Towne Park.

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