“Wheels Down Sleeves Up” Kicks Off in Big D

In an effort to teach, experience and promote Service Artistry, Executive Vice President of Hospitality Operations Matt Cahill and the Hospitality Vice Presidents will travel to a different Towne Park property each month to roll up their sleeves alongside our on-site teammates to prove they’ve still “got it!”

During the month of February, the Wheels Down Sleeves Up team spent three days in Dallas, a district that falls under the purview of Vice President of Operations Greg Tyler.  “Our team in Dallas was thrilled the Wheels Down Sleeves Up tour started in the Central Region.  Being the first district to have this great opportunity, Dallas was excited to take full advantage of working beside the executives!”

On Day One, the team locked themselves together in a room, participating in high level “think-tank” sessions.  Over the course of a few hours, discussions were held concerning where Towne Park currently stands as a company and the foundation was laid for sustaining our position as America’s premier parking services provider.  The meetings were certainly fruitful regarding business planning, yet an added benefit resulted from these meetings…   All that time cooped up in a room together strengthened the group’s camaraderie.  Of his WDSU teammates, Matt chuckled, “We’re a cohesive, tight knit group.  The chemistry in working together is phenomenal, yet we’re also great at poking fun at each other!”  After their marathon meetings, the VPs invited local developmental candidates out to dinner, spending time with each of them one-on-one.  “We really gained a great deal out of taking our candidates to dinner that first night,” Matt said.  “It made each VP reflect on the teammates in their districts – are my guys this intelligent, this passionate and this motivated?”


In between morning and afternoon meetings, Day Two consisted of hitting the ramps, in full Towne Park uniform!  The WDSU team split up, working at the Hyatt Regency Dallas, Renaissance Worthington, Gaylord Texan and the Sheraton Dallas.  It was like riding a bicycle for the team, as many of them began their careers working front drives for Towne Park.  “We had blast serving guests! Putting on an over-the-top show while working side-by-side our teammates re-emphasized building upon the service culture we need to provide our clients’ guests,” Matt added.  “The smiling, chin-lifts and hustle all make a difference.  By the end of the day, we were competing with each other to see who had the biggest smiles and who burned the most calories!”  More than just a work out, providing valet services to our client’s guests had a profound effect on both the Dallas and Executive teams.  “Watching the interaction between our associates and our VP team when we suited up and signed in was incredible,” Greg said.  “The GSC’s put us to work, and we had a blast serving guests side by side with the Dallas team.”

Despite their full day, the WDSU team took the all the Account Managers and Assistant Account Managers in Dallas out to dinner in appreciation for doing a great job managing their properties.

Day Three opened with a Towne Hall meeting hosted by Matt for all Account Managers, Assistant Account Managers and Guest Service Coordinators.  “It was a great opportunity to meet with everyone.  We highlighted my Service Artistry speech from the Leadership Summit, and reiterated the true development and growth opportunities that are available to each and every teammate there.”  The Towne Hall also acted as an open forum for the Dallas team. They had the opportunity to discuss their thoughts about working at Towne Park, such as the actions they perform to be successful, and the things they believe could be improved.

Overall, it was a great few days for the local Dallas team.  They took full advantage of the opportunity to spend quality time with the chief members of our Hospitality Operations team, something not many districts can say.  Despite Dallas’ great experience, it may have been even better for the WDSU team.  “I’d like to think we got the most of it,” Matt said.  “By investing in the field, we were able to spend time out of the office and experience what’s truly important:  our people.  Whether it was at the dinners, client meetings or out on the front drive, each member of the Wheels Down Sleeves Up crew discovered processes and methods in which we can apply to improve our own regions.”

Be on the lookout each month for a recap and photos of last month’s visit, and news on where they’ll be traveling to next!

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