Who’ll Appear On Your Front Drive Next?

Jerry Blankenship

Jerry Blankenship

You never know who the next guest to pull up on your front drive will be.  One Saturday evening in November, as our team at Gaylord National were winding down a busy ICE! Day, David Marriott made an unannounced stop to visit!

Guest Service Coordinator Jerry Blankenship greeted Mr. Marriott immediately and welcomed him back to the property.  Jerry remembered Mr. Marriott from a previous visit a year ago, and his service excellence proved to make a great impression for Towne Park and Gaylord National.

Generally, we know well in advance of a visit like this, but Jerry didn’t need any warning.  He was ready and happy to assist every arriving guest and it just so happens Mr. Marriott entered his service zone. You hear when these interactions do not go well, so I wanted to make a point to celebrate one of our associates who provided a memorable experience for a VIP like David Marriott.

Next time you visit Gaylord National, please make it a point to thank Jerry for representing us well on the front drive!

Submitted by Jeremy Smith, Gaylord National Account Manager

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