Women in Towne Spotlight-Angela Woidich Riley

In celebration of National Women’s History Month, and in the spirit of honoring the achievements of accomplished women in our communities, in March we will spotlight Women in Towne.

Today we introduce you to Angela Woidich Riley, Account Manager, Springhill Suites – Louisville.

Having joined Towne Park on March 13, 2007, today is Angela’s 10-Year Anniversary. Angela is a financial whiz and leads as Financial Champ for the Angela RileyLouisville District. Angela’s professional goal is to have the opportunity to step into a Revenue Manager position to highlight her financial skills.

A top performer, Angela has earned the distinction of being invited to Towne Park’s annual Winner’s Circle for three consecutive years! She has a talent for building successful and dedicated teams in her shuttle business. Her client views her as irreplaceable as she invests in knowing how to support her site in every way, including stepping in to the front desk role as needed.

Angela is a very proud mother of four beautiful children. She prides herself in balancing a focus on raising her children with being successfully present with her team and client.

“Angela has a unique passion for people and results. This is reflected in every aspect of how she conducts her business,” commented Jody McDonald, District Manager, Louisville.

We are proud to have this Woman in Towne LeadingServing and Growing at Towne Park.

Women in Towne® is a community of men and women at Towne Park who work together to create programming and other initiatives designed to recruit, hire, retain, and advance women at Towne Park.  This community is rooted in the belief that associates of diverse backgrounds improve our ability to anticipate and meet the needs of our clients, our associates and our communities.

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